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Beachball Bash 2015 Agility Results


Elite HIT Ice-Marilynn Smith
HIT Aussie Dinky Dee-Sharon Tyra 
Open HIT Aussie Sage-Sharon Tyra

 HIT Vet KeepHer-Linda Lynch



Elite HIT Ice-Marilynn Smith
HIT Aussie- Mila-Mike Gonzales
Open HIT Toby-Debra Weinberg

HIT Aussie Sizzle-Kathleen Sumner
HIT Vet Syd-Harold Baska



Elite HIT- Ice- Marilynn Smith
HIT Aussie Mila-Mike Gonzales
Open HIT Rocky-Beth Hudson
HIT Aussie- Clair-Chris Risher
Novice HIT Gabby-Tami Grinstead
HIT Vet Syd- Harold Baska


Weekend HIT

Elite- Machere-Janice Tyler

Open- Rocky-Beth Hudson

Novice- Gabby-Tami Grinstead

Vet-Syd-Harold Baska

Ace- Zoey-Jane Caffrey